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Written by David Behrman, 11 of July, 2011

The Wrong Side of the Digital Divide

By David Behrman. We check our technology—our innovation—at the door when it comes to educating our children in our religion and heritage, and we send a message that the latest technologies—the ones our kids find so compelling—aren’t right for the Jewish world.

Written by Vicki Weber, RJE, 05 of July, 2011

Praise for Blessings and Baby Steps, by Rabbi Ilana Grinblat

Review by Rabbi Jack Riemer, writing for the South Florida Jewish Journal. "Now I understand why we need women rabbis. No man could have written this book or taught us the Torah that it contains . . . This is a book that expectant parents and those with small children can learn much from. But it is not only for them. Anyone who wants to know where and how to find holiness in the midst of this world, and how we can relate to the sacred that is found in places that most of us never notice, will benefit immensely from this book."

Written by Vicki Weber, RJE, 01 of July, 2011

Behrman House in the News

"It's Too Crowded in Here!" was reviewed in the latest issue (Summer 2011) of Jewish Book World. "This new addition to our folklore tradition is a wonderful combination of traditional Jewish folktales and Midrashic stories that are both Jewish-values based and engaging for young children." Read the full review.

Written by Vicki Weber, RJE, 04 of June, 2011

Behrman House in the News: Siddur Mah Tov

Read Julie Wohl's article in Conservative Judaism Magazine about the journey that lead to the creation of Siddur Mah Tov: A Family Shabbat Prayer Book. "We created Siddur Mah Tov out of our love of children’s books, words, and art, and as committed Jews."

Written by Behrman House Staff, 30 of August, 2012

Welcome the New Year in Hebrew with iTorah Blessings

Tradition Meets Technology. Learn and practice for your aliyah right on your iPad.

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