Preview the Newest Materials in Jewish Education with Golem Express

Written by Behrman House Staff, 27 of September, 2016
Golem Express: The Easy Choice.

When you join Golem Express, you automatically receive a review copy of all our new educational materials as soon as they are published. We will releasing some exciting new titles in 2017 that you really won't want to miss, including a brand new family haggadah, seven new prayer modules for our groundbreaking Hebrew in Harmony curriculum, a guide chock full of creative ideas for Jewish educators by Batsheva Frankel, some fun new Jewish-themed coloring books, and a new resource to making t’fillah more meaningful for children. With the Golem Express plan we will bill you ONCE per year, at the time of your first shipment. The additional Golem Express shipments will arrive automatically at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE, and shipping is free.

How It Works:

As a Golem Express member, you automatically receive a copy of every new educational product upon its release. We typically release new materials three to five times per year. We bill you ONCE per year, at the time of your first Golem Express shipment. The additional Golem Express shipments will arrive automatically at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. That’s it. No additional invoices, no added shipping fees, and no hassles with returns.

The value of Golem shipments has been between $149 and $260 per year. Golem Express members will be billed just $99 for the full year. No additional invoices and no shipping charges. Period.

Become a Golem Express member today.

The first 2017 Golem Express package is scheduled for January. Future Golem shipments for 2017 will be sent automatically AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.*

Not ready to join? Not a problem! You can start your Golem Express membership at any time. We will send you any materials already shipped from the previous Golem Express shipments in 2017, along with a single invoice for $99.

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Not a Golem Plan member?

If you prefer the flexibility of the regular Golem Plan, no worries. You can keep it just the way it has been. Under the regular Golem Plan, you will still receive the latest materials as we publish them at a 30% discount, plus shipping. Materials are billed as they are shipped (three to five times per year), regular UPS shipping rates apply for each shipment, and all items are returnable.

*Golem Express Plan terms: $99 for the calendar year, billed at time of first shipment. Additional shipments for the year at no additional charge. Free shipping on all Golem Express materials. Golem Express materials are not returnable, but make a valuable addition to your reference library. For those who join mid-year, your first shipment will include all materials previously released for the year. Golem Express membership fee not refundable.