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MaToK Shemot

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Help students explore the beginning of the Exodus story from the enslavement of the Israelites until right before the plagues begin in Egypt. This includes the early life of Moses and the revelation he experienced at the “burning bush”.

This student workbook contains selections from Torah text, followed by exercises that begin with helping students to achieve a basic understanding of the Hebrew text, then moving to higher order thinking questions. The MaToK methodology emphasizes literary and Biblical Hebrew language access skills. 

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1.      Selections from Shemot in the original biblical Hebrew.

2.      Exercises and activities in Modern Hebrew to help students understand the literal meaning of the text.

3.      Exercises and activities in Modern Hebrew to help students uncover deeper meanings including traditional commentary and personal meaning.

Special introductory price of $5 for 2015-16 school year.


The MaToK Bible Curriculum includes teachers’ guides and student workbooks for each Parashah (designated weekly reading) of Bereisheet (Genesis) and selected parshiyot (weekly readings) from Shemot (Exodus) and B’Midbar (Numbers. ***Student workbooks must be purchased from ***

The teachers’ guide may be downloaded from the USCJ Book Service web site at:

For more information about the MaToK Bible Curriculum, please contact the project director:  and/or view the MaToK Wiki at

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